Dear Guest, welcome to our “Palazzina Liberty”.

We are happy to introduce you a construction project on which we have worked in the last few years and has become a reality in the tourism of our beautiful city, Verona.

We are committed to create a facility that would meet your desires and needs so your staying would be full of pleasure and relaxation.

The atmosphere will be cosy and friendly as in any small family-run environment.

Browsing the web site, you can view our apartments, the furnishing and its arrangement, as well as the location of the villa in Verona.

Enjoy our website and if you need more information, please contact us.
With the hope to have you as a dear guest,

We greet you cordially,
La Palazzina Liberty

La Palazzina Liberty is a villa with garden of 1928.
It was recently renovated and adapted to the current general safety and seismic standards.

It offers guests apartments of 70 sqm, beautifully furnished and equipped for pleasant stays of relaxation in a comfortable, family-inspired, environment, in the immediate outer ring of the city centre.

Built by Acct. Angelo Zignoli, and always occupied by his family and him, the villa has undergone many vicissitudes through the decades.

In 1935, it was deprived of the railing fence as a result of the campaign “Gold, silver, iron to the Motherland.”

Then during the war, it was partially destroyed in a bombardment directed against the railway station of Porta Vescovo in March 1945, about 40 days before the end of the hostilities.

The villa has always been owned by the Zignoli family and, in 2007, it was decided to start a profound restructuring of it and its garden, entrusting the project and the supervision of the works to Arch.Anna Braioni.

The apartments have been redesigned, preserving, where possible, the ancient flooring, the structure of the doors, and intervening with a philological restoration on other stranded architectural elements.

The restructuring works included the installation of an elevator and the enhancement of the attic space which has become habitable. The layout of the apartments has been optimized.

The facades, which had originally been decorated with frescoes and graffiti by the artist Agostino Pegrassi, having suffered damage due to the war and the environmental pollution, have been restored to their original splendor giving back to the Palazzina the Liberty style, polychrome decorated, as it was in use in the early 1900s.

The new railing fence, hand forged and seamless, combines its color with that of the facades, and it frames from below, with its design, the whole building.

The house is well connected to the city and easily accessible from A4 motorway- Verona Est exit-, and proceeding towards the north you can reach the Lessinia, ideal spot for summer hiking or winter sports.

The city of Verona, and its thousand-year history, offer tourists strolling points of cultural interest such as the ruins of the city ranging from the Roman period to the modern one passing by the medieval and the Renaissance times.

A sequence of pleasant emotions that you experience by walking in the area enclosed in the loop of the Adige river, which flows unhurriedly through the city from the north to the south proceeding towards the Adriatic Sea.

Today the building revives his ancient youth preserving, however, those historical elements who has piled up in almost 100 years of life.